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Tantramassage Berlin

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The Art of Sensual Being massage is an erotic massage service offered in Berlin. This Tantramassage is based on the natural principles of touch and sensuality. To be touched with sensitivity and love is one of the most healing and natural gifts of life.

The ultimate Tantramassage experience in Berlin.

This sensual massage is perfect to unwind from the stresses of modern life and awaken your potential for a full-body orgasmic experience.

Sensual Being – Tantramassage Berlin is a sensual full-body and erotic massage that applies a combination of different massage and tantric bodywork techniques to bring about a state of deep relaxation, energetic balancing, sensual arousal and orgasmic pleasure.

My sensual touch is nurturing, loving and will leave you feeling blissful and balanced. Light-feather strokes interwoven with deep-tissue release thumbing, calming breath work, chakra balancing, full-body sensual massage and bonding are all used to ignite a full-body orgasmic experience.

The Art of Sensual Being and Orgasmic bliss moves beyond the brief moments of climax and release as its a dynamic, full-body state of sensual awareness.

Tantric philosophy does not deny anything, but teaches to celebrate the human body as our portal to life itself. Tantra shows us a way to respect, appreciate and love our own bodies in its totality and most natural state of sensual being.







I love to explore every part of your body with sensual adoration while I take you on a journey of orgasmic pleasure.

The dynamic play of loving and caressing touch with energetic bodywork will guide you into deeper sensation and sensual presence.With sensual experience at the heart a safe space is offered to express pleasure, pain and everything in between that needs love and care.

Luxury Outcall Services

Outcall Services are available to your preferred hotel in Berlin to offer the most discreet and relaxing option of this erotic massage. Enjoy this sensual Tantramassage Berlin in the privacy and comfort of your own preferred location without having to travel across the city. Allowing your body and mind to fully enjoy the healing after effects on a busy business schedule.

Tantramassage & Yoga Special

Book a private yoga lesson & erotic massage for ultimate body awareness & sensual bliss experience.

As a certified yoga teacher the yoga class is available for all levels. This Yoga series has been designed specifically to balance and awaken the sexual energy in preparation for the erotic massage.

Appointments available 6am-11pm.

Call: 0049 (0)176 476 876 10

email: sensualbeing.de@gmail.com

“What you seek is seeking you.” Rumi